Rose Uniacke's House

Very rarely I like the way a whole house is designed and decorated but this one is an exception so that's why I decided to share it with you instead of just picking one or two pictures to add to Pinterest.

Rose Uniacke's house in London has got everything I like, from highly decorated plasterwork to some modern touches and period furniture. But what I like the most is that nothing is over-the-top or feels pretentious despite the original grand features of the house.
The walls and ceilings have been left in different stone colours (adding to the monastic feel) but bright tones have been introduced with soft furnishings and the use of gold and marble. Personally I would have added a more colourful rug in the bedroom and painted the ceiling in a slightly darker colour than the wall to bring it down and make the room feel cosier.
I think the rest is absolutely fantastic and she has achieved a very relaxed feel in her house despite being located in the busy city that is London.

The beautiful photographs were taken by Henry Bourne.


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