A flat in Barcelona

I'm absolutely in LOVE with this loft located in Barcelona, Spain. Interior design studio Vuong was the one in charge of creating an open space filled with natural light and a bohemian feel. I think the way they mixed contemporary furniture with more rustic elements makes this apartment a complete success! It's got a lot of white and crisp furniture but is far away from boringly minimal and that could only be achieved by adding contrast (different textures, colours or patterns). The result is fresh, contemporary and it's got an "Ibiza" feel to it, so I guess it fits into the category of "bohemian chic".


Display at home

 The books fit perfectly in one of the legs that was part of a table. 
That map is actually a wrapping paper from Foyles.

 We are moving flat in September and I'm so excited! It will be great to play around with the furniture and have fun decorating it a bit. So before we move I have taken some pics to show you a few details about our current flat :) It's a very small flat and we don't really own much furniture so we had to use our imagination to make the most of it.

 I love that little painting of Chelsea's King's Road.
We still use the Christmas fairy lights, they are a light source after all!

 A mask from Venice.

Hanging is a present from a friend from Singapore and below is the sofa covered in an Indian shawl.

 Flowers always make everything look prettier, even if you use a wine bottle as a vase!

These are the kitchen tiles which I quite like, they are very "retro". Unfortunately I cannot take them with me! haha


Latest purchase

Couldn't resist buying these two bowls from Anthropologie last Wednesday! They had a good price compared to other things in the shop. The big one was 3.50 pounds and the small just 2 pounds! I definitely needed a bowl for nuts and another one for soup, also the colours are soooo nice... :)
Have a good weekend! Here we are having some sunshine at last!


Final project

Sorry about the delay posting this but last week was hectic and involved flying to Ireland at the last minute!

Well, this is it! The final plan, elevations and product boards. Plan and elevations were painted with watercolours and crayons (our tutor was old school so no computers involved). Normally you wouldn't paint over the original drawings, but we had to, which led to disaster in more than one occassion (see kitchen floor)!!

The photograph doesn't show it but the walls are light grey (Blackened by Farrow & Ball).

Product board for the living room (Dinesen flooring and Turner painting, because there was no budget!).
The boards don't show all the furniture that goes into the space (there is loads!), they are meant to give a general impression of how the space feels and looks like.

Product board for the kitchen. The wallpaper only covers the wall than runs in front of the Andy Warhol zebra painting next to the dining table (see on the plan) and the rest of the walls are painted in light grey. The floor is covered in grey Montauk slate and the Mobalco kitchen and dining table are white glossy.

I feel like I learnt a lot in 12 weeks, thank you Richard and Chelsea College of Art and Design!


Interior Decoration Project

 The colour board used in the living room, the kitchen and the dining area, plus some samples of fabrics.
I love the velvety yellow one, but sadly I didn't get to use it in the end.

Last Wednesday I presented my project and said goodbye to the Interior Decoration course I've been attending at Chelsea College of Art & Design for the last twelve weeks (yes, time flies!). We went for lunch with our tutor and I had a beetroot and goat cheese salad (unthinkable a few years ago when I didn't put on weight no matter what! ahh those good old days...).
We were meant to present our project to another teacher but she was unable to come, which meant I just presented it to our tutor and the other two students (less embarrasing haha). He said some things might have been better if done in another way and that he would add a few other bits, but in general he was pleased with the result saying that I have a good eye for mixing patterns and that my level of drawing and detailing was very good (yay!). Now I can frame my certificate! haha just joking

 Original plan of the apartment.

 A 1:50 scale plan of the apartment. We had to focus only on the living space (kitchen + living room). A lot of things have been changed from the original plan although I ended up expanding the kitchen a bit more on the 1:20 plan.

 First elevation (view from the left side of the sofa cutting through the whole apartment). I know one of the chairs is not meant to be there, but I did change that before inking and painting ;)
 Second elevation (view from the same place as on the first one but looking on the opposite direction).

I ended up doing two elevations instead of one because they really help to realise about the scale of things and their position within the space.
Hope you liked my hard work! :)
Next week I will post the final result and the product boards.
Have a lovely weekend.x