Winter in London

I was meant to post this photographs a bit earlier as they are from last Sunday but I forgot about them (very me)! Anyway, today has been a very similar beautiful sunny day but a bit warmer, which is nice :)
Now to finish the day off we are cooking Tote in the Hole and will watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding afterwards (I can't wait, it's so much fun!!).

Squirrel!!! There are lots in London, but I still get excited like the first day I saw one.

Photographs by me in St James Park.



The days are getting longer, warmer, sunnier...nicer! And I can't wait for summer!! Although I'm quite happy with 15ºC too :)
So here they go a few photographs of a lovely house next to the sea. I can already smell the salt and feel the breeze...how I miss the cliffs in Basque Country...


Gieves & Hawkes

Last Sunday I had the pleasure to go to Gieves & Hawkes on Nº1 Savile Row and visit their fantastic store and headquarters. My boyfriend is working on a project with them so I was able to have a sneaky peek at their little "museum" full of treasures.

This is the room for bespoke tailoring service with a beautiful Damien Hirst on the wall.

The absolutely stunning Michael Jackson's military jacket made in Gieves & Hawkes for his Thriller Tour.

A letter from Admiral Nelson asking for a new suit.

I love the decoration of their store, is like being in a private house. And there we are, in the mirror!
Below is the beautiful staircase (and the softest carpet ever).

I had such a wonderful time there and the people were so nice. Also the weather was good, not like today, such a miserable grey rainy day and I have to go out! Anyway, hope wherever you are is much better!x

Photos by me and James.


Trying to draw something

First drawing after a very, very long time...those years at Fine Arts seem so far away! But this one was done from a photograph...no merit in that.

Btw, I bought my MAC lipstick at last! I went for Craving, an Amplified Creme Lipstick, after half an hour trying to decide. Luckily I wasn't in one of their small stores, but in Selfridges, so I hope they didn't notice me!!
Craving is a pinky-plum lipstick although in my lips it looks a little bit red. I highly recommend it. Very creamy (my boyfriend is not very happy about the marks on his cheeks!) and is vanilla scented.

Hope you are having a nice weekend!



A bit of DIY. I bought the skull in Topshop for 3 pounds (bargain!!as it was 15 before!) and it came with an ugly black rope as a chain, so I bought another necklace to swap the chains. Total cost: 7 pounds.
Now I only need this to hang my jewellery:


The Perfect Lipstick

I have had something on my mind these past two weeks, a lipstick. But not a dark one, a light colour one, but not too pink, not too brown, not too coral. One that doesn't make me look like a Barbie and neither in my thirties. It's so difficult!! I think I might try tomorrow this one from MAC, Gem of Roses: http://www.temptalia.com/mac-semi-precious-lipstick-swatches-photos-reviews#image1

Hope you had a wonderful day with your loved ones :)

Photograph: Emma Watson by Ellen Von Unwerth


My fashion shoot on Fashion Gone Rogue

Hi and welcome to my blog! I thought I would start it with the most important thing that has happened to me this week.
So let me introduce you to Brogan, because thanks to her, M+P Models and the fantastic Maya Lewis' make-up, we got my photographs featured in Fashion Gone Rogue. I still can't believe it! I sent them as an ultimate effort to know if my photography was any good or not. But still, from a career point of view I see it very far away, so I will focus for now on interior decoration, which is something I have always wanted to try. Wish me luck!x
Link to the feature: http://fashiongonerogue.com/fresh-face-brogan-amaia-orozco/