Fashion + Interior Design #2

 Colour trends in fashion applied to interior decoration + the cutest little animals! Is there anything better? Model Cara Delevingne (face of Burberry) looks beautiful in this editorial lensed by Nick Knight. 
The name? 
Pussy Cat.

Image via creamylife


Paula's House


 Welcome to Paula's House

Isn't it a cozy house?? A place where you could drop your cup of tea and it wouldn't be a drama. I love the mix of colours and textures, the eclectic look and those little mirrors above the fireplace! Most of it from flea markets I guess :)
All that has got me wandering around Anthropologie and making my tiny wish list (already worth thousands of pounds! ha!). I always like the most expensive things, how about you? ;)

Anthropologie Wish List


Project Moodboard

A moodboard based on what my "clients" like to do/are

I started the Interior Decoration course today! Really pleased! It's in a beautiful old building (was the Royal Army Medical College before) and the teacher is very nice. Nice classmates too, although we are only four! I was expecting more attendance but, well, now it's more like private lessons I guess :)
It's been an intense day, learning a million things per minute but really worth it. I have already a project to focus on and as you can see my first moodboard too! I also got a bit of homework so it feels like being back to my student days...
Will tell you more about my second lesson next Wednesday - I'm excited already!!


Beautiful Edinburgh

James and I decided to celebrate his birthday at the end of March with a three-day trip to Edinburgh. The best decision ever, we got sunny days and 18ºC! We went and came back First Class on the Flying Scotsman, a journey that takes only 4 hours and a half and has stunning views (plus I love travelling by train). Edinburgh is now one of my favourite cities in the UK :)

A little town and views of the sea from the train

Delicious breakfast in First Class!

 Scott's Monument and our 4 star hotel!

The Balmoral Hotel

 Edinburgh's Castle

Holyrood Palace

 Lunch in a place that looked like a cute granny's house and the old town

 View of the city with the Castle on top

 Nelson's Monument (terribly windy up there!) and another view of Edinburgh from the hill

Photos by me and James. Click on them for a larger view.


Fashion + Interior Design

Spring Flowers

I couldn't resist sharing with you these wonderful photographs by Markus Pritzi. Here is something a bit more realistic though:

I'm in love with the details in this photograph - it looks like that tree was made for the base cabinet! And the way it frames the painting at the back is just perfect...

Hope you had a lovely Easter :)


New Ring

Hi all!
Sorry it's being so long since my last update but I've been busy these days and I also went for a few days to Edinburgh (photographs coming soon!). We had such a great time there and lots of sunshine, very rare in Scotland, ha!
I'm showing you today my new ring, and you will ask yourselves, but you bought one not long ago, didn't you? Well my friends, I had to return that one. Very disappointed as it said on the label that it was gold plated but at the same time it was leaving my finger green! Never mind, I got my money back and this is now my official new ring. It's a silver ring with a lapislazuli stone and it was only 10 pounds- a bargain! (Thanks to James' mum for buying it as a present for me) :)

And for you I've got some random photographs of a filming that was happening in London a few weeks ago. Probably some period series or a movie? I love the dresses :)