Hi I'm back from Christmas in Spain! We had a wonderful time, ate and awful lot and came back with heavy luggage (luckily no more weight than allowed!). Tomorrow we are having our "second Christmas" at James' parents house, presents included! Really looking forward to it and to curling up in the sofa next to the fireplace! :)
I promise to post some photos from Spain soon! This was my first day off since we came back on Wednesday and I spent it shopping in the sales...ha!

I wish you a very happy New Year full of success and exciting adventures!!


Christmas decorations!

Is the most wonderful time of the year... and therefore I have been decorating the flat a little bit with some tinsel, Christmas tree decorations and bunting (made out of Farrow & Ball's wallpaper samples) :)
I'm not sure when I will be posting again this month as it seems it will be a busy one for me with my birthday tomorrow, the start of a new job the day after and going to Spain for Christmas! So lots of love and I wish all of you a merry Christmas xx


& Other Stories

H&M's new brand & Other Stories has got, apart from a great name, a website where you can see short films which aim to explain certain aspects of the first collection. They are not what you would expect, nothing conventional, just beautiful conceptual films.


Christmas Outfit

Christmas Outfit

My dream outfit: Sapphire dress, necklace, earrings and rib-cage ring all from Anthropologie; Salvatore Ferragamo Vara pumps.

I feel Christmas is almost upon us even if we are not yet in December (blame all the cosy window displays and Christmas lights in the streets!). So I'm already dreaming of a Christmas outfit, again even if I don't dress up that much for Christmas! It's all quite relaxed in my family and the only thing we really dress up is the table.
Anyway, I got this super duper beautiful dress in Anthropologie with my birthday money and I can't wait to wear it, so maybe I will dress up for Christmas Eve this year. I don't own any dresses (well I've got some, but I don't wear them, ha!) so you could say I'm making an exception this time. Luckily, the dress is not as short as in the picture and it covers my knees, making the fact that I'm showing my legs a bit less uncomfortable. I really feel so happy to have found a dress that I like myself in and that I can wear to lots of occasions. Or at least that's what I say to myself... :)
Weddings, dinner parties, the opera....the places where I go so often haha
The good thing about this dress is that I can get away wearing ballerinas or a small heel like the one that a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Vara pumps have, the perfect excuse to own them!
I just hope I will use this dress enough to compensate the amount of money spent on it! (Although, I got it with a 20% discount..)
Wish me luck!



Hi all! But of course you have noticed changes to the blog!
First of all now it's called Lifespace, which I think makes more sense and suits the content of the blog better. Star Dust was too generic and compiles everything in the world, as ultimately is made of star's dust. Lifespace refers to life, life style, and home interiors.
I also changed a bit the text fonts and colours, just to try to make the blog look a bit more professional and not too quickly-made-out-of-a-template! haha I'm not sure I succeeded ;)

Hope you like it! x


Autumn mood

Posting a group of photographs that describe my mood right now: I'm into cold colour walls, warmth through natural materials such as wood and leather, and a touch of cosiness with blankets, rugs and soft colour flowers.
I call this style Messy Scandinavian ;)

Some of this photographs can be found on my new Pinterest board: Creative Display, something that I consider crucial in any home.

Btw, yesterday I went to Paris and is such a beautiful city that I wouldn't mind living there one day.
Well, I guess a lot of people think the same :)


Early Winter

Winter is arriving a little bit earlier than expected this year so it's time to switch to Christmas jumpers. This weekend we are going to the countryside so I really really hope temperatures go back to normal as I don't particularly enjoy 0ºC! I will be taking with me my new little present, an Olympus Trip 35. I'm so happy to be reunited with such a great camera since losing my first one on a shoot on December 2010...


Recent buys

About a week ago I went to Kings Road in Chelsea and as I always do I go into pretty much any shop that catches my attention. So I got off from the bus at Chelsea Old Town Hall and I thought I would have a sneaky peek at Anthropologie's Mid-Season sale (the word "sale" played a big part on me going in) - what a mistake!! My boyfriend knew what was coming next, but I was saying to myself that there was no reason to think I would end up buying something, but of course I did.
This photos are the proof.
I already had the plate and the necklace on it from previous trips to the shop. James and I bought between us the two pretty coasters. I had been wanting the pink one (called Celestial Coaster, such a cool name) for sooooo long and it was on sale! Also the blue (the print on it meant to look like lace but it reminds me of fossils). The gold necklace was an impulsive last minute buy (and early birthday present from James). Couldn't resist having it as it is so similar to this Marc Jacobs one I have always liked but is much more pricey. Now I have my two statement necklaces for this season :)


Nine days off

I quite enjoyed my nine days off from work- I didn't do as much as I had planned (obviously!) but it was a nice break from wearing heels and I had happy feet!
I tried to draw something, went for a country walk in the rain (yay!), saw the Little Black Jacket exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery (and got two posters free! You can see how everyone is gathering at the same point in the picture, wasn't difficult to spot where the posters were) and took some photos of the outfit I was wearing one day cause I was quite pleased with the result and to keep record of the bun! Didn't last long though, after half an hour it was falling down and I had to re-do it on the train...I have to admit I'm very clumsy at doing anything with my hair apart from leaving it as it is, can't even make sure a messy bun stays in place!


Rescued photographs

San Sebastián's Cathedral

The other day I found these photos while browsing on the laptop my many, many folders full of pictures. They brought back to me memories of a past summer spent in Basque Country. Haven't spent another one since 2010... All these photographs were taken with a Diana F+ camera from Lomography.

San Sebastián

Bideluze in San Sebastián

Maman by Louise Bourgeois and Bilbao's Guggenheim

View of the coast of Getxo

Bilbao's old harbour

Tonight is cocktails at another preview! But heavy rain all night :(


Molly and Robert's House

 This is Molly and Robert's house in Kansas City, Missouri; isn't it beautiful? They did all the decorating by themselves which is really impressive, as none of them is a interior designer (Molly is a personal wardrobe stylist and Robert is a painter). I leave you with a few pictures of their house and if you want to read the full article just go to Design*Sponge.

 One day I will have a velvet armchair!

 Can I have that lamp, please??

 I love the colour combination of this room

 I wish I had the space to do this!

You can find these beautiful towels in Anthropologie


This Bright Field

Hi there!
I have just come out from a very busy period of my life, sorry for not posting since pfff... I don't know when! I'm living in a new flat since the beginning of this month and I love it! But I cannot post any pictures yet as there are still a few things that need to be organised and hidden away put away. So I thought I would share with you the find of This Bright Field, a fantastic restaurant located a short walk from Bethnal Green tube station. I love the way it has been decorated, rustic charm (wood, tiles, and lots of plants) mixed with some industrial details reminding you this is a restaurant, not your dreamed kitchen. The result is fresh, young and informal, making this the perfect place for a lunch or dinner with friends.

This Bright Field
268 Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9DA

 This was what I ordered: scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. It was delicious!

 My boyfriend ordered sausages, bacon and egg on toast. Looks small but it wasn't!
 Next time I will sit on one of those armchairs.