Found a rather eccentric 1930s Art Deco apartment in West Hollywood. A bit too much for me, but the colour palette is absolutely beautiful.
What I have found during this weeks is that chosing colours that complement each other and work together within a space is not as easy as it seems. Here bold colours have been introduced on the walls keeping the furniture in neutral tones and occasionally using texture and pattern to make it pop out. This apartment for me is all about happiness and life.


Project Ideas

  I saw this table at Skandium and fell in love! I have chosen a smaller size to use as a lamp table nex to the sofa.

 Okay, four weeks left!!! But don't panic, just choose furniture, flooring, curtains, wall colours, lighting, window frames, kitchen layout... oh dear! But it's so much fun at the same time (until the teacher tells me everything's wrong? Hope not).
So you see I need to write about it to relax (women of a certain age will use the word "therapeutic"). I have chosen a few interiors that have inspired me and from which I have taken certain elements to add to my project. In the next few days I will show you the project's plan and elevations.

Moroccan pouffe for my client's cat.

Black slate tiles for the kitchen floor (the furniture will be mainly bright white).

Long see-through white curtains for the living room. A plus if they are like in this picture longer than the wall.

Antique blanket trunk as coffee table.

This is a similar layout to mine (sofa facing two armchairs, with rug under the coffee table and side table with TV.)


Around Regent's Park

Remembering last weekend and it's tropical weather because I cannot feel it anymore!! The temperatures are plumbiting down AGAIN to 12ºC tomorrow :(
Don't get me wrong, I love the whole of UK and I don't mind the rain, but what pisses me off is having to stand this cold weather in the beginning of June! It doesn't feel right to my Mediterranean body and soul!
Well, let's stop complaining, in the end it's me who decided to come here :)

Soon I will post some pictures of progress in my project. I'm already half way through the course (time flies!!!) and the project is keeping me busy with plans and elevations (which I've found out I like drawing!). Maybe I've got a frustrated architect in me? ha! I still prefer all the colouring part to the technical :)
Today I managed to clean the bathroom and as you see post something on the blog, so now I'm off to have some lunch (Spanish ham and cheese..treasures brought back from home) and then go out to Chelsea Harbour Design Centre to find some textile samples. Hope they like my pretty face and give me all the samples I need! SUGAR they are closed on Saturdays!!!

My sunglasses are not that big, I promise!

 Boating on Regents Park is on my list of things-to-do

 My mum's necklace (stolen)

Sitting at my boyfriend's parents' beautiful garden