Christmas Outfit

Christmas Outfit

My dream outfit: Sapphire dress, necklace, earrings and rib-cage ring all from Anthropologie; Salvatore Ferragamo Vara pumps.

I feel Christmas is almost upon us even if we are not yet in December (blame all the cosy window displays and Christmas lights in the streets!). So I'm already dreaming of a Christmas outfit, again even if I don't dress up that much for Christmas! It's all quite relaxed in my family and the only thing we really dress up is the table.
Anyway, I got this super duper beautiful dress in Anthropologie with my birthday money and I can't wait to wear it, so maybe I will dress up for Christmas Eve this year. I don't own any dresses (well I've got some, but I don't wear them, ha!) so you could say I'm making an exception this time. Luckily, the dress is not as short as in the picture and it covers my knees, making the fact that I'm showing my legs a bit less uncomfortable. I really feel so happy to have found a dress that I like myself in and that I can wear to lots of occasions. Or at least that's what I say to myself... :)
Weddings, dinner parties, the opera....the places where I go so often haha
The good thing about this dress is that I can get away wearing ballerinas or a small heel like the one that a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Vara pumps have, the perfect excuse to own them!
I just hope I will use this dress enough to compensate the amount of money spent on it! (Although, I got it with a 20% discount..)
Wish me luck!



Hi all! But of course you have noticed changes to the blog!
First of all now it's called Lifespace, which I think makes more sense and suits the content of the blog better. Star Dust was too generic and compiles everything in the world, as ultimately is made of star's dust. Lifespace refers to life, life style, and home interiors.
I also changed a bit the text fonts and colours, just to try to make the blog look a bit more professional and not too quickly-made-out-of-a-template! haha I'm not sure I succeeded ;)

Hope you like it! x


Autumn mood

Posting a group of photographs that describe my mood right now: I'm into cold colour walls, warmth through natural materials such as wood and leather, and a touch of cosiness with blankets, rugs and soft colour flowers.
I call this style Messy Scandinavian ;)

Some of this photographs can be found on my new Pinterest board: Creative Display, something that I consider crucial in any home.

Btw, yesterday I went to Paris and is such a beautiful city that I wouldn't mind living there one day.
Well, I guess a lot of people think the same :)


Early Winter

Winter is arriving a little bit earlier than expected this year so it's time to switch to Christmas jumpers. This weekend we are going to the countryside so I really really hope temperatures go back to normal as I don't particularly enjoy 0ºC! I will be taking with me my new little present, an Olympus Trip 35. I'm so happy to be reunited with such a great camera since losing my first one on a shoot on December 2010...