About two weeks ago on one of those rare sunny days we went to Greenwich. I can't believe it took me so long to go there after living in London for a year! Actually I will have to go back because the Observatory and the gardens were closed for the Olympics...
It was a very warm day with sun spells and some threatening dark clouds that look so good in pictures. Perfect!

 On our way to Waterloo station. Looking dark but we trusted the weather man.

 Even the Starbucks is nice in Greenwich.

 The Cutty Shark


 The Old Royal Naval College

 Canary Wharf in the distance.

 'Let this place be rest for my old age, let it be the end to me, tired of the sea and ways of war' - King George II

 Navy's biggest warship

 And a very well deserved drink after a long day!

All photos by me.


Moving out

anthro wish list

We are moving flat the first week of September and this provides me with all sort of excuses for making wish-lists and dreaming about buying tons of stuff in Ikea (that's what my budget would allow ok!?).
But now that I work in Anthropologie I find myself surrounded by lots of pretty things and I can't possibly stop thinking about what to get, so Polyvore is quite useful to show you what I have in my mind right now - turquoise, silver and glass. I predict how difficult choosing a scent candle will be...



Hello! I have been wanting to show you this bag for ages! 
It's a navy cross body bag from the 70s and I bought it a few months ago (maybe just 2) from Human Sea Vintage. Looking almost new, made of good leather from Salisbury and velvety lining...My friend Dulcie is the one behind and a genius finding vintage treasures (while I'm terrible at it!). Check out her shop because she is accepting offers! 
Human Sea is her personal blog where she shares her incredibly good style among other things. 
Ahh... if only I could pull off those dresses and peter pan collars...


Mr Brainwash + David Guetta

 Last Wednesday I went with my boyfriend and a few friends to Mr Brainwash and David Guetta's party, although it was meant to be Mr Brainwash's preview of his exhibition (it will stay for a month in the old post office in Oxford St, London, now looking more like a nightclub).
We thought it would be super easy to get inside with our VIP passes but... there was a massive VIP queue (I seriously didn't expect that)!! Luckily we got inside pretty quick after a few calls :)
We had lots of free champagne, absolutely great music and I admired some Egg chairs in pink fabric (I wish I could have taken one home!!). I saw Mr Brainwash just a few cm close and David Guetta did appear after an hour of good music played by another DJ, although he had left the best bits for him, of course!
It was a great night and I felt so privileged to be there.
I leave you with some photos (sorry about the bad quality!)...

 David Guetta reminding me of the Power Rangers.

 Burn seemed to be sponsoring the event. In the other photograph you can see the VIP area and one of the Egg chairs.

 Some looked a bit out of place.

 I think I might have been the only one who noticed the Jack Union flag colours in the lights...

 David Guetta!!

 From far left: the unknown first DJ, Mr Brainswash and David Guetta.


Pens and brushes

 Hey! Who was going to tell me that I would go back to using a brush? But here I am, tempted again by the use of colour. I had to buy watercolour pencils for the Interior Decoration course and those are the ones I have used to paint this. The quality is a bit shitty and the box only has 12 colours, but they are OK for some basic colouring.

 I'm not sure I dare to paint this one..I think it looks fine like this, don't you?

 And this is my dining table/desk full of stuff, as always! And yes, I used an espresso cup for watering the brush (not sure my boyfriend is going to be happy when he reads this).