Latest purchase * Pretty Ballerinas flats

This are the last shoes I buy in a while, I promise to myself! But I have got an excuse, three weddings this year! And for that I need a pair of comfy shoes to spend the whole day in (I'm not the type of girl who doesn't mind suffering to look pretty, I DO mind).
And because Inès de la Fressange said: Some people think that shoes are ladders. No man is going to say, ‘I would love you so much more if you were 10cm taller.’ Women are suffering, you know. Elegance is about feeling nice, how can you feel nice when you have shoes that are like a prosthesis”. 
It makes me feel better :)
Although I do envy those women who walk in high heels like if they were slippers! I wish I could do that!

Anyway, I find these flats an essential addition to my wardrobe, perfect with jeans or a dress, and with just enough glitter to be wedding/evening appropriate. The only downside was the price (a bit overpriced although they are made in Spain) and the fact that the soles aren't leather. But again, these delicate shoes are not intended for everyday use.

Hope you are having a good weekend! London is still freezing! x

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