So pastel colours are "in" this season.

And below are a few ideas of how to introduce them into your house.

Pretty, huh? :)
Have a lovely weekend!

Editorial by Tina Luther


Grey + Pastels

I'm in love with the tones chosen for the walls and furniture in this house. The warm palette of pink, gold and wood works beautifully with the shades of blue and green in walls and furniture. And don't forget the details, the antiques (left with the rough surfaces to reflect their passage in time) are the ones that make this house different. Clever to leave the walls in pale tones so the house doesn't look old fashioned or heavy and the brighter the better to appreciate all the wonderful details.
I also want a crown on top of my bed, please :)


Sunny Sunday

Here there are a few pictures from Sunday. We went down to Regents Park to see baby ducks and enjoy the sunshine, followed by a much needed coffee and croissant, plus lunch at Patisserie Valerie. A very nice day :)

 I have always loved these fountains

 My new Zara jacket, or how I like to name it, my "Chanel" jacket :)
I have never owned a white jacket before ( I don't really own much white either) and this is making me panic about getting it dirty!

A close-up of the collar of my favourite shirt, a lace one from Reiss bought in the sale last year and the skull necklace I posted here a few weeks ago.

Note to my readers: don't worry, this is not going to become a "style blog". I'm too shy for all that stuff.

Photography by me and James.


Would she...?

Would She live here?

This is the first one of the series. I will upload every now and then a drawing of a girl with the "matching" house decoration. I will paint the drawing and then try to find the perfect place for her. I thought it would be a good exercise for me to start thinking about colour moodboards...and also a good excuse to learn how to paint in Photoshop! What do you think? Do you like it?


Rings and allergies

Attempt to draw a hand

On February I noticed the weather was getting warmer (yay!) and it was time to rescue my beloved rings and say goodbye to my gloves (athough it's March and I still wear them sometimes). Well after having a look at them I thought it was time to buy at least a new one, as I haven't added any to my collection since...mmm... maybe 3 or 4 years ago!! I have to say I always find myself spending a little fortune on a ring because I'm allergic to any cheap metal, so it has to be silver, gold plated, white gold or whatever is expensive!
It has taken me weeks to find one that has a big stone (but lets me move my fingers, very important) and that doesn't clash too much with my other rings. I found it in Ottoman Hands, in Topshop Oxford Street. It's handmade with semi precious stones and in gold plated bronze. And it looks Egyptian or something old. Good.


Antiques, Vintage and World's Treasures

I want to travel around the world, collect lots of treasures and have a house like this in Paris or London! And who doesn't?

And the perfect match to all this is L'Odyssée de Cartier. If you haven't watched it yet, here's the link. Absolutely stunning short film.



 On Wednesday I went back to see this exhibition (and have champagne!) at the Halcyon Gallery in Bond St and I thought I would take some pictures for you to see how beautiful are the pieces. They are made of glass and I have no idea how on earth were they installed! If you are interested in doing some research, the artist's name is Chihuli. I can already see one of those shell-vases in my dream house...

Photos by me