Final project

Sorry about the delay posting this but last week was hectic and involved flying to Ireland at the last minute!

Well, this is it! The final plan, elevations and product boards. Plan and elevations were painted with watercolours and crayons (our tutor was old school so no computers involved). Normally you wouldn't paint over the original drawings, but we had to, which led to disaster in more than one occassion (see kitchen floor)!!

The photograph doesn't show it but the walls are light grey (Blackened by Farrow & Ball).

Product board for the living room (Dinesen flooring and Turner painting, because there was no budget!).
The boards don't show all the furniture that goes into the space (there is loads!), they are meant to give a general impression of how the space feels and looks like.

Product board for the kitchen. The wallpaper only covers the wall than runs in front of the Andy Warhol zebra painting next to the dining table (see on the plan) and the rest of the walls are painted in light grey. The floor is covered in grey Montauk slate and the Mobalco kitchen and dining table are white glossy.

I feel like I learnt a lot in 12 weeks, thank you Richard and Chelsea College of Art and Design!


  1. You are so talented Amaia! I love the colours and textures you have chosen, it definitely has a Spanish vibe which can only ever be a good thing! :) xx

    1. Thank you Dulcie! I'm pleased with the colours and textures too. I tried to push myself to be colourful and not to be afraid of prints and patterns :) x