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 The books fit perfectly in one of the legs that was part of a table. 
That map is actually a wrapping paper from Foyles.

 We are moving flat in September and I'm so excited! It will be great to play around with the furniture and have fun decorating it a bit. So before we move I have taken some pics to show you a few details about our current flat :) It's a very small flat and we don't really own much furniture so we had to use our imagination to make the most of it.

 I love that little painting of Chelsea's King's Road.
We still use the Christmas fairy lights, they are a light source after all!

 A mask from Venice.

Hanging is a present from a friend from Singapore and below is the sofa covered in an Indian shawl.

 Flowers always make everything look prettier, even if you use a wine bottle as a vase!

These are the kitchen tiles which I quite like, they are very "retro". Unfortunately I cannot take them with me! haha

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