Interior Decoration Project

 The colour board used in the living room, the kitchen and the dining area, plus some samples of fabrics.
I love the velvety yellow one, but sadly I didn't get to use it in the end.

Last Wednesday I presented my project and said goodbye to the Interior Decoration course I've been attending at Chelsea College of Art & Design for the last twelve weeks (yes, time flies!). We went for lunch with our tutor and I had a beetroot and goat cheese salad (unthinkable a few years ago when I didn't put on weight no matter what! ahh those good old days...).
We were meant to present our project to another teacher but she was unable to come, which meant I just presented it to our tutor and the other two students (less embarrasing haha). He said some things might have been better if done in another way and that he would add a few other bits, but in general he was pleased with the result saying that I have a good eye for mixing patterns and that my level of drawing and detailing was very good (yay!). Now I can frame my certificate! haha just joking

 Original plan of the apartment.

 A 1:50 scale plan of the apartment. We had to focus only on the living space (kitchen + living room). A lot of things have been changed from the original plan although I ended up expanding the kitchen a bit more on the 1:20 plan.

 First elevation (view from the left side of the sofa cutting through the whole apartment). I know one of the chairs is not meant to be there, but I did change that before inking and painting ;)
 Second elevation (view from the same place as on the first one but looking on the opposite direction).

I ended up doing two elevations instead of one because they really help to realise about the scale of things and their position within the space.
Hope you liked my hard work! :)
Next week I will post the final result and the product boards.
Have a lovely weekend.x

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