Pens and brushes

 Hey! Who was going to tell me that I would go back to using a brush? But here I am, tempted again by the use of colour. I had to buy watercolour pencils for the Interior Decoration course and those are the ones I have used to paint this. The quality is a bit shitty and the box only has 12 colours, but they are OK for some basic colouring.

 I'm not sure I dare to paint this one..I think it looks fine like this, don't you?

 And this is my dining table/desk full of stuff, as always! And yes, I used an espresso cup for watering the brush (not sure my boyfriend is going to be happy when he reads this).


  1. Muy chulos Amaia! me alegro de que vuelvas a dibujar!

  2. You are so talented Amaia! The second one is particularly precious :) xx