Hello! I have been wanting to show you this bag for ages! 
It's a navy cross body bag from the 70s and I bought it a few months ago (maybe just 2) from Human Sea Vintage. Looking almost new, made of good leather from Salisbury and velvety lining...My friend Dulcie is the one behind and a genius finding vintage treasures (while I'm terrible at it!). Check out her shop because she is accepting offers! 
Human Sea is her personal blog where she shares her incredibly good style among other things. 
Ahh... if only I could pull off those dresses and peter pan collars...

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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely reference! I went charity shopping yesterday and found some really good stuff from the early 1960s for the shop but unfortunately all in large sizes and plus, I am not allowed to buy anything until I get a job! :P xxx