Project Moodboard

A moodboard based on what my "clients" like to do/are

I started the Interior Decoration course today! Really pleased! It's in a beautiful old building (was the Royal Army Medical College before) and the teacher is very nice. Nice classmates too, although we are only four! I was expecting more attendance but, well, now it's more like private lessons I guess :)
It's been an intense day, learning a million things per minute but really worth it. I have already a project to focus on and as you can see my first moodboard too! I also got a bit of homework so it feels like being back to my student days...
Will tell you more about my second lesson next Wednesday - I'm excited already!!


  1. ¡Qué guay Amaia! De vuelta a las clases jajajaa, se ve que es intenso, mejor que esteis pocos alumnos, más atención por parte del profesor. ¡Suerte con tu proyecto!

    1. ¡Gracias Alba! Estoy super ilusionada porque es la primera vez que estudio algo y no siento en ningún minuto o segundo que estoy perdiendo el tiempo! Todo lo que me enseñan es relevante :)