New Ring

Hi all!
Sorry it's being so long since my last update but I've been busy these days and I also went for a few days to Edinburgh (photographs coming soon!). We had such a great time there and lots of sunshine, very rare in Scotland, ha!
I'm showing you today my new ring, and you will ask yourselves, but you bought one not long ago, didn't you? Well my friends, I had to return that one. Very disappointed as it said on the label that it was gold plated but at the same time it was leaving my finger green! Never mind, I got my money back and this is now my official new ring. It's a silver ring with a lapislazuli stone and it was only 10 pounds- a bargain! (Thanks to James' mum for buying it as a present for me) :)

And for you I've got some random photographs of a filming that was happening in London a few weeks ago. Probably some period series or a movie? I love the dresses :)

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  1. Qué chuli el anillo! Las fotos del rodaje me recuerdan a la peli Notting Hill, cuando Julia Roberts està grabando una peli de época en un parque cuyo nombre no recuerdo... ;)