Sunny Sunday

Here there are a few pictures from Sunday. We went down to Regents Park to see baby ducks and enjoy the sunshine, followed by a much needed coffee and croissant, plus lunch at Patisserie Valerie. A very nice day :)

 I have always loved these fountains

 My new Zara jacket, or how I like to name it, my "Chanel" jacket :)
I have never owned a white jacket before ( I don't really own much white either) and this is making me panic about getting it dirty!

A close-up of the collar of my favourite shirt, a lace one from Reiss bought in the sale last year and the skull necklace I posted here a few weeks ago.

Note to my readers: don't worry, this is not going to become a "style blog". I'm too shy for all that stuff.

Photography by me and James.


  1. Vi el otro día la chaqueta en Zara y te juro que yo también pensé que era muy Chanel XD
    Me gusta mucho la penúltima foto, me recuerda a Donosti XD

    1. La verdad es que no me extraña que te recuerde a Donosti porque tiene una arquitectura con referencias al estilo inglés y francés. Ya sabes cómo es de international! Con su festival de cine y todo jaja

  2. I would love it to become a style blog! You're style is too good to hide away :) And it works so well alongside your photography and inspirations. xxx

    1. Thanks Dulcie!!
      I think I will still post some outfit pictures but not very often, just whenever I find myself inspired by the clothes ;)