One of my recent favourite hobbies is to re-arrange the items on the shelves (I'm sure I'm not the only one?!). My boyfriend finds this very funny but I do enjoy it! I like putting different shapes and sizes together and creating a mix-matched group of stuff. I also like giving some use to mere decorative objects like the little vase you can see on the second pitcure, it's a good place to leave my necklace.
In one of the pictures below you can see the "A" I got from work. They were changing the sign outside the showroom and I decided to keep the letter "A" as it is my initial :) I painted it in a pretty tangerine colour using a sample pot in Charlotte's Locks.
My next project is to paint the mirror we have in Brinjal. I got the paint yesterday and now I can't wait to start sanding! Hopefully this will uplift the mirror and make it look prettier...

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