Recent buys

About a week ago I went to Kings Road in Chelsea and as I always do I go into pretty much any shop that catches my attention. So I got off from the bus at Chelsea Old Town Hall and I thought I would have a sneaky peek at Anthropologie's Mid-Season sale (the word "sale" played a big part on me going in) - what a mistake!! My boyfriend knew what was coming next, but I was saying to myself that there was no reason to think I would end up buying something, but of course I did.
This photos are the proof.
I already had the plate and the necklace on it from previous trips to the shop. James and I bought between us the two pretty coasters. I had been wanting the pink one (called Celestial Coaster, such a cool name) for sooooo long and it was on sale! Also the blue (the print on it meant to look like lace but it reminds me of fossils). The gold necklace was an impulsive last minute buy (and early birthday present from James). Couldn't resist having it as it is so similar to this Marc Jacobs one I have always liked but is much more pricey. Now I have my two statement necklaces for this season :)

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