Dressing for 2ºC

 I actually had fun doing this

This year it's been a challenge (and still is as we are going back to snow weather..) to dress for real winter temperatures and with that I mean temperatures around 0ºC. My Spanish self is not used to this cold and I actually have developed some not very nice chilblains in my fingers.
Still I do my best to fight it and this is the outfit I've been wearing most these past few weeks. As you can see I combine every single warm item in my wardrobe! Christmas jumper included and underneath I also wear 1 or 2 layers more (onion style). I wear fur lined gloves, cords, my Russian Hat, my Bear Coat (massive sheepskin leather coat from my mum in the 90s) and a very thick long scarf that I wrap around my neck as many times as possible! Of course, I wear long ridding boots as well and thermal socks.
Despite the weather in this country it still amazes me how many British girls and boys don't seem to feel the cold and actually carry the coat on their arms (as if they were too hot to put it on!) or don't carry one at all! I seriously wonder what they are thinking...I swear I have even seen people in t-shirts, girls in skirts without tights and lots of women wearing ballerinas!

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  1. Créeme, eso no es cosa exclusiva de Inglaterra, yo he visto en Burgos a gente en camiseta cuando nevaba mientras yo me moría de frío...y eso que somos del norte!